Subaru Key Fob Battery Replacement: Quick & Easy Guide

You’ll need a CR2032 battery and a small screwdriver to replace a Subaru essential fob battery. Carefully open the fob, swap the old battery for a new one, and reassemble.

Replacing your Subaru essential fob battery is a quick and straightforward task that ensures your car’s accessibility and convenience are maintained. Key fobs are integral to modern vehicles, allowing for easy locking, unlocking, and even starting the engine without inserting a traditional key.

A dead battery can cause unexpected delays and frustrations, especially in a hurry. Learning how to change the battery saves time and the potential cost of a dealership or locksmith service. This guide is designed to assist Subaru owners in keeping their key fobs functional with minimal effort. Handling the fob and its components carefully is essential to avoid damage during replacement.

Subaru Key Fob Battery Replacement: Quick & Easy Guide


Subaru Key Fob Battery Replacement

Replacing the battery in a Subaru key fob is a straightforward process. First, you’ll need a small flathead screwdriver and a replacement CR2032 battery, commonly available at most electronics or hardware stores. Begin by locating the small notch along the seam of the key fob, then gently pry it open using the flathead screwdriver. Inside, you’ll find the battery secured in a small compartment. Ensure the new battery is inserted with the positive side facing up after carefully removing the old one. Reassemble the critical fob by snapping the halves back together, and you should have a fully functional key fob again. Regular maintenance ensures your Subaru’s keyless entry and ignition system remain reliable.

Introduction To Subaru Key Fob Functionality

The Subaru key fob is a compact remote device that allows you to lock and unlock your car quickly. Modern Subaru vehicles come equipped with this handy tool, which enhances your driving experience with a simple button push.

Essential Remote Features

Subaru key fobs are not just about locking doors. They come with several features:

  • Lock/Unlock: Secure your vehicle from a distance.
  • Panic Button: Attract attention in emergencies.
  • Trunk Release: Open your trunk hands-free.
  • Engine Start: Warm up your car on cold mornings.

Signs Of A Dying Battery

Key fobs need battery power to function. Look out for these signs:

  • Reduced Range: The fob works only when close to the car.
  • Inconsistent Operation: The fob fails to respond on the first try.
  • Dashboard Warning: Your Subaru may show a low battery alert.

Do you experience these signs? It’s time for a battery replacement. When replacing components, they should be used with caution to prevent harm.

Identifying Your Subaru Key Fob Model

Replacing the battery in a Subaru key fob is straightforward. Yet, knowing the specific model of your key fob is crucial. Various Subaru models come with distinct key fobs, each requiring a different approach to battery replacement.

Different Models And Generations

Subaru key fobs have evolved over the years. Newer models may have features like remote start or trunk release. Older generations might not. Identifying the correct model ensures you get the right battery and instructions.

  • Standard Key Fob: Common in older Subaru models.
  • Keyless Access with Push-Button Start: Found in newer models.

Locating Model Information

The back of the key fob often contains model information, such as a series of numbers or a model name, which identifies the fob type. If the back is blank, check the owner’s manual or online with your car’s VIN.

Key Fob Feature Common Models
Standard Key Legacy, Forester (before 2015)
Keyless Access Outback, Impreza (2015 and newer)

Tools Needed For Battery Replacement

With the right tools, replacing the battery in your Subaru key fob is simple. You will need a few everyday household items and possibly some specialized tools. This guide outlines everything necessary to complete the task quickly and safely.

Common Household Items

  • Small Flathead Screwdriver: Pries open the critical fob case.
  • Precision Tweezers: Helps remove the old battery.
  • Soft Cloth: Cleans the battery compartment.

Specialized Tools For The Task

Some key fobs may require specialized tools:

Tool Use
Key Fob Opening Tool Opens the fob without damage.
Non-Marring Prying Tool Prevents scratches on the fob.

With these tools, you’re set to replace your Subaru essential fob battery quickly and efficiently.

Step-by-step Battery Replacement Process

Replacing your Subaru essential fob battery is simple. You only need a few minutes and a new CR2032 battery.

Opening The Key Fob

Start by locating the small notch on your key fob. Insert a flathead screwdriver into the notch. Gently twist the screwdriver to pry the fob open. Be careful not to damage the casing.

Removing The Old Battery

Once open, you’ll see the battery. Use the screwdriver to lift the battery out of its compartment. Then, safely dispose of the old battery.

Inserting The New Battery

Take your new CR2032 battery. Make sure the positive side (+) is facing up. Place the battery into the slot. Press down to secure it. Snap the critical fob case back together. Test the fob to ensure it works.

Remember to handle the critical fob and battery carefully to avoid any damage.

Choosing The Right Battery For Your Key Fob

Choosing the correct battery for your Subaru key fob is crucial for optimal performance. A dead essential fob battery can leave you unable to unlock your vehicle remotely, a hassle no driver wants to face. Follow this guide to select the perfect battery for your key fob.

Battery Types And Sizes

Key fobs need specific batteries to work correctly. CR2032 and CR2025 are common types, but each has a unique size and voltage. Check your Subaru’s manual to find out which one you need.

  • CR2032: 3V lithium coin cell, thicker
  • CR2025: 3V lithium coin cell, thinner

Where To Purchase Batteries

Essential fob batteries are available at various stores. You can buy them from:

  1. Automotive stores
  2. Electronics retailers
  3. Supermarkets
  4. Online marketplaces like Amazon

Always choose reputable brands to ensure longevity and reliability. Check reviews and ratings online before making a purchase.

Subaru Key Fob Battery Replacement: Quick & Easy Guide


Troubleshooting Common Issues After Replacement

Replacing the battery in a Subaru key fob is straightforward. Yet, sometimes, issues may arise post-replacement. Let’s troubleshoot common problems to get your crucial fob functioning again.

Key Fob Not Responding

Check the battery – Ensure it’s the correct type and properly seated. Inspect the terminals for dirt or damage. Clean them gently with a cotton swab. If the key fob remains unresponsive, consider the following fixes.

  • Open the key fob and reposition the battery.
  • Try a new battery. The current one might be faulty.
  • Ensure the battery’s polarity matches the critical fob’s requirements.

Reprogramming The Key Fob

Sometimes, a critical fob needs reprogramming after battery replacement. Follow these steps:

  1. Enter your Subaru and close all doors.
  2. Turn the ignition from “Off” to “On” ten times quickly.
  3. Listen for a locking sound, indicating the car is in program mode.
  4. Press the “Lock” button on the key fob.
  5. Wait for the locking sound again. The key fob is now reprogrammed.

If reprogramming fails, visit an authorized Subaru dealer for assistance.

Preventative Measures To Extend Battery Life

Ensuring your Subaru essential fob battery lasts as long as possible requires simple yet effective strategies. Below are some tips and methods to help prevent premature battery drainage and extend the life of your essential fob battery.

Proper Key Fob Maintenance

Clean your key fob regularly to avoid build-up that can affect its function. Use a soft cloth and alcohol-based cleaner to wipe the surface and buttons gently.

Store your key fob in a cool, dry place away from excessive heat or moisture, which can damage the battery and electronics.

Check the battery contacts inside the fob to ensure they are not corroded. Clean the contacts with a cotton swab dipped in vinegar if you notice any green or white residue.

Usage Tips To Conserve Battery

  • Avoid unnecessary button presses. Each press uses battery power, so only press the buttons when needed.
  • Turn off additional features like keyless entry sound if your fob has it. This reduces battery use.
  • Replace the battery before it dies completely. This helps maintain the electronic settings in the fob.

By following these simple steps, you can help ensure your Subaru essential fob battery functions effectively for as long as possible.

Subaru Key Fob Battery Replacement: Quick & Easy Guide


Professional Assistance For Key Fob Issues

Key fobs are essential for modern car convenience. Over time, they may need a battery replacement or more serious repairs. Sometimes, professional help is the best way to ensure your Subaru key fob works reliably.

When To Seek Help

Critical fob problems often show clear signs. You might notice:

  • Delayed response when unlocking doors.
  • Increased difficulty in starting the car.
  • The key fob did not respond at all.

If these issues arise, a professional should check your key fob.

Finding A Trusted Automotive Locksmith

Finding the right expert is crucial. Look for:

  1. Experience with Subaru key fobs.
  2. Positive reviews from other Subaru owners.
  3. Upfront pricing for battery replacement and repairs.

Choose a locksmith who offers a guarantee on their work.

Service Description Price Range
Battery Replacement Installation of a new battery $10 – $50
Key Fob Repair Fixing buttons or signal issues $50 – $200
Key Fob Programming Syncing the key fob with your car $50 – $100

Concluding Remarks On Subaru Key Fob Maintenance

Ensuring the continuous functionality of your Subaru key fob is crucial. A well-maintained key fob means seamless car access and a better driving experience. Let’s recap the essential steps for battery replacement and explore the benefits.

Recapping Key Steps

  • Identify the battery type: CR2032 or CR1620, which are common in Subaru key fobs.
  • Gather tools: A small screwdriver and a new battery are all you need.
  • Open the fob: Carefully pry apart the fob with the screwdriver.
  • Replace the battery: Swap the old battery with the new one, positive side up.
  • Reassemble: Click the fob halves back together and test the functionality.

Benefits Of Timely Battery Replacement

Prevents lockouts: A fresh battery ensures your key fob works when needed.

Extends fob life: Regular maintenance keeps the fob in good condition.

Improves convenience: A responsive key fob means easy access and start.

Ensures security: A functional fob is crucial for your Subaru’s security features.

Remember to check your key fob’s battery periodically. This simple task keeps your Subaru experience smooth and hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind Of Battery Does A Subaru Key Fob Take?

A Subaru key fob typically requires a CR2032 lithium coin-cell battery.

Can I Replace The Key Fob Battery Myself?

You can replace your essential fob battery by purchasing the correct replacement and following your vehicle’s manual for instructions.

How To Start A Subaru With A Dead Key Fob?

To start a Subaru with a dead key fob, first flip the fob over and slide the hidden emergency key out. Use this key to unlock the driver’s door. Next, hold the dead fob close to the start/stop ignition button and press it to start the car.

How To Change The Battery In A 2024 Subaru Key Fob?

Open the key fob using a flathead screwdriver. Remove the old battery. Replace with a new CR2032 battery, positive side up. Snap the fob shut.


Replacing the battery in your Subaru key fob is straightforward and cost-effective. You can ensure your crucial fob functions smoothly with the right tools and a few minutes. Remember, regular maintenance keeps your Subaru experience hassle-free. For more tips and guides, keep following our blog.

Drive safely and enjoy the convenience of a fully operational key fob!

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